Hey! Thanks for visiting my website. Hopefully we can collaborate on some exciting projects. 

mobile: UK (+44) 0 7479773070
instagram: @arturtixiliski

A little about me.
(b. 1986, Curitiba, Brazil) Living in Bristol, South West, UK.
My formal training in photography started at college in 2009 and I received my honours degree in at Falmouth University in 2014. 
I am a portrait and documentary photographer at heart but the last years have also seen me become more prolific in the world of filmmaking. 
Alongside my commercial and editorial work I am dedicated to projects in music and cultural events.

SOMA SOMA - www.somasoma.co.uk
MELEZ STUDIO - www.melezstudio.co.uk
MUSINIC FESTIVAL - www.musinic.com

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